First we realized our dreams and then shared them with you.

Kabak Dome is a dream product that many of us dream of, bored and tired of the stress of the city crowd. In order for dreams to come true, our dreams have brought us together as all conditions must come together and now we are together.

Kabak Dome is more than a business; it is a life style in which the uniquely beautiful nature, music, art, longing and sharing are together. With our warm, friendly and polite face, we are always here to help you while you drink your favorite cocktail during your stay at Kabak Dome. Whether we are serving our local cuisine that changes according to the season, our chef adds flavor to your table, or while you are resting in one of our areas designed to elevate your holiday experience, where you can enjoy our unique view.

We want you to join this adventure where a business woman and musician pursue a dream together. Let's meet at the junction of the Aegean and the Mediterranean and watch the sunset paint the sky together. Because while watching the sunset, it's impossible not to dream.